10 Reasons to invest in Mallorca

Mallorca has been identified as one of the best places to live in the world: it offers a sunny climate, a varied landscape, excellent sports,- health and education facilities and a quality lifestyle which is hard to beat. We have resumed for you the 10 main reasons why you should invest in property in Mallorca. 

1. Easy Access

Palma's International Airport is one of the leading airports in Europe and offers hundreds of routes to over 70 destinations, now with increased flight schedules and new routes. Direct flights to all major European cities operate throughout the year enabling investors to travel for short stays or even commute.

2. Climate

 Mallorca’s climate offers an average of 300 days of sunshine per year with warm summers and mild winters where temperatures rarely fall below 12 degrees. Providing perfect conditions to enjoy outdoor life and sports year-round. The island’s natural light has inspired many artists over the years and is a welcome relief for northern European visitors.

3. Safety

 Security forces have years of experience in keeping the island safe for visitors including the Spanish Royal Family and security is easier to control and enforce at the Island’s borders. Traditional family ethics and values are very much a part of everyday life particularly in the villages.

4. Varied Landscape

 Mallorca’s attraction is its varied landscape creating completely different areas; the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains dominate the centre of the island extending over 92 km from the southwest to the far northern tip. Mountain scenery gives way to the flat planes ending at the coast which changes from the rugged west to the sandy beaches of the east.

Cap de Formentor

5. Sporty Mallorca

The island enjoys a reputation as a leading destination for sports with top facilities including 23 golf courses, 47 marinas & ports, over 400 km of hiking routes, 1,250 km cycling routes, sports centres including the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Mallorca hosts many events throughout the year and international teams make it their base for winter training.

Yachting Harbour Puerto Portals in Mallorca’s Southwest

6. Transport Infrastructure

Thanks to Mallorca’s tourist industry it has a sophisticated, fast network of motorways connecting Palma to the farthest points of the island within an hour and a half by car. 

7. Capital City

A destination in its own right, Palma offers a combination of culture, architecture, boutique hotels, shopping and gastronomy. The city has developed around its Old Town dominated by Palma’s Cathedral. Many historic buildings have been restored and the city is thriving with regular new openings and social/ cultural activities year-round.

Mallorca’s Capital Palma

8. Healthcare

Mallorca offers high level of professional healthcare in quality private and social security hospitals and clinics. The main international hospitals have multi-lingual departments. In addition, there are leading European specialists working here who have also made the island their home.

9. Education

There are 15 international schools in Mallorca offering pre-school to pre-university education catering to overseas and local residents. Children can be taught in their mother tongue whilst learning Spanish and other languages. The University of the Balearics offers a range of degrees together with a reputable catering and hospitality college.

10. Cultural and Social Life

 There is plenty to do in Mallorca with a year-round social/cultural calendar of events that appeals to a wide audience from concerts, wine and gastronomy to sports tournaments, beach parties in summer and traditional fiestas throughout the year. The yacht marinas of Puerto Portals and Port Adriano also organise music, classic car and sports events.