(Re)Discovering Mallorca: The Comeback of a Safe Haven.

Whilst an invisible and unexpected enemy has brought the mighty mankind to a stop, humanity has been given a valuable opportunity to reflect. Billions of us have suddenly appreciated the security of a safe home, nestled in the protection of family and re-established ancient values that modern lifestyle has been shifting in the mist of technology and progress.

Looking back onto what really matters has also taken us into an introspective analysis of our lives and experiences in Mallorca. The safety of this breathtaking mediterranean microcosmos, its outstanding natural beauty and the capability of its people to react have become clearer than ever.


With children's eyes we will now re-discover Mallorca

It is a fascinating experience to find that nature has come back in a bold and unfrightened return to its natural habitats. Dolphins swimming in the once busy bay of Palma, azur blue colours returning and the cleanest environment ever are waiting for us. 

The same phenomenon is awaiting the first guests that will have the joy to travel to Mallorca (if all goes to plan) within a few weeks. It will be a celebration like those of when tourism made its first milestones in Mallorca. This is and will be one of the most advanced cultural and social meeting places on the planet. Mallorca will continue to be home for many nationalities, beliefs and lifestyle motives which will once again come together with greater respect for each other than ever before.

Find out more about the history of tourism in Mallorca, including great photos from this time, on Newsmallorca.com.


Security - a privileged asset of the Balearic Islands

Security has always been a major priority and valued asset of our islands. How could we oversee that health would play such a major role in the future? The Balearic Islands have excelled in these critical times. The Spanish Health Authorities have publicly praised the “assistance capacity, resources and very adequate information systems in place” as the entrance of the Balearics into Phase 1 of deconfinement was officially announced. With a powerful health system in place that can cope with twice the island's permanent population, the doctors and nurses of the Balearics are more prepared than ever and look towards the future with confidence.

The challenges of an economy that is absolutely dependent on tourism are not to be underestimated. The Balearic Islands will now make an effort to adjust to a reduced touristic demand and necessary shift away from mass tourism, whilst dedicating itself towards a higher quality and lower pressure on the environment. This change had gradually begun over three years ago and it will now be boosted in order to position the Balearic Islands in a deserved place within the perception of travellers and second home owners. 


Environment, sustainability & safe travel

Respect towards the environment, sustainability are woven into the underlying values of all future actions. A strong commitment to fulfill the visionary Law of Climate Change and Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands published in 2019 marks the road ahead. Reinvigorating local food production, supporting ecological farmers and returning value to the production on the fields of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera is a reality which we will quickly see grow in the times to come. Also in this vital area, local and international efforts and passions come together in a beautiful interaction which we will be supporting with total dedication.

In the past days we have found some scientific discoveries that support the fact that safe travel and the enjoyment of the Balearic Islands can be secured. Airbus has confirmed that the advanced ventilation systems of modern aircraft filter 99,9% of the particles with the size of a Coronavirus in the air, making the airplane cabin one of the safest places on the planet. Travelling to Mallorca will require a mouth and nose mask for additional security in the first weeks, but we can all rest assured that the first international flights arriving to Mallorca at the end of June shall provide a safe journey to all its passengers.

In addition a very noteworthy discovery was published by the spanish Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC). The saltwater of the sea is an “effective biocide” that kills the virus and the powerful combination of the ultra violet radiation, high temperatures, combined with salt water deactivate the virus. CSIC has also confirmed that there is no scientific evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted between persons in the treated water of pools, jacuzzis and spas.

In these days technology has also taken a new position in our work. Technology is no longer the goal, but the tool which we will use in order to offer new experiences and engagement possibilities with our clients. Virtual property tours, live video viewings, location videos, conferencing tools are all coming into action in order to help our clients to connect with Mallorca and their future homes.


Enjoy the diversity of the island

With this positive news and renewed spirits we look forward to celebrating the arrival of the first international flights to Mallorca. We also invite all of those planning to travel to look at the island with the innocence and curiosity of children’s eyes. What these first travellers will see has never been seen before. A beautiful and radiating natural environment that has been untouched by mankind for months. Serene streets, paths and alleys around the coastline, villages, historic Old Town await its first passers by. The clearest waters of the past four decades will welcome its first swimmers. Never will restaurants, markets and shops have been happier to attend and please their guests.

The first jumbo lands in 1971 in Palma

These special ingredients will be a significant part of the intangible value of property in Mallorca. It is personal, impossible to measure and more valuable than many other material things. We know for certain that everyone that owns, wishes to acquire or rent a property in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera will enjoy a superb life on our islands. 


We look forward to seeing you soon again.