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Wine has been an integral part of Mallorca’s history, culture and landscape since Roman times and now there are over 70 wineries across the island. With 300 days of sunshine a year and plentiful rainfall, the warm climate is ideal for nurturing grapes on vines, which were introduced at the end of the nineteenth century. A rich winemaking boom followed and the island exported large quantities to France before several plagues destroyed the viticulture. At the end of the twentieth century, winemaking began to flourish again, and today the island produces a wide selection of excellent globally recognised wine, making Mallorca a popular destination for wine enthusiasts.


Macià Batle - Santa María del Camí (Central Mallorca)

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The principal wine-growing region can be found in the heart of the island, in the municipality of Binissalem in Central Mallorca. Traditional rural towns like Santa María del Cami are desirable residential locations as they are quaint and close to Palma. With its authentic charm, Santa María attracts a cross-section of people, including expats and families who want to experience authentic Mallorcan life 

Located on the outskirts of the pretty town, Macià Batle is one of the island’s larger bodegas that distributes all across Europe. Founded in 1856, Macià Batle began producing wines in the tiny hamlet of Biniari in the township of Sencelles, before his descendants built the existing wineries in Santa María in 1997. Run by Mallorca entrepreneur Sebastià Rubí since 2003, Macià Batle has continued to grow and now acts at the benchmark of premium Mallorcan wines. Expert winemakers produce a wide selection of wine with body, aroma and exquisite flavour. With over 300 national and international awards and accolades, the quality of Macià Batle wine has been endorsed time and time again.  

Visit Macia Batle to enjoy a wine-tasting tour, purchase a selection of fine wines, and discover more about the history of the bodega.


Finca Biniagual - Binissalem ​​(Central Mallorca)

Finca Biniagual is located in a peaceful hamlet just outside Binissalem in the idyllic Mallorcan countryside, not far from Santa María. A sprawling estate of 14 houses, a chapel and a winery, the finca generates a refined selection of local wines using sustainable processes. Only native grape varieties are used, including Mato Negro, and Prensal Blanc that is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat and Shiraz to produce four different reds, one white and one rosé. Across 34 hectares of land, the farm cultivates not only wine but olives, almonds, figs, oranges, lemons and pomegranates.  

Experience a guided wine-tasting tour in this picturesque location, sampling wine beneath the pine trees out on the land, along with freshly baked Mallorcan bread and extra virgin olive oil made on the finca. A tapas menu is also available if you want to extend your tasting to a long lunch. For more information, visit the Finca Biniagual website.


Bodegas Ribas - Consell (Central Mallorca)


In the rural village of Consell, the Ribas winery is the oldest on the island. Founded in 1711 by Pedro de Cabrera, the bodega is set in an 18th century stately home with the original barrel cellar, the warehouse where the wine is produced, and more than 40 hectares of vineyards that are harvested by hand. White grape varieties include Prensal Blanc, Viognier and Moscatel, with the red grapes like Mato Negro, Gargollassa, Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Ca’n Ribas continues to gain recognition for its prestigious wines, and the descendants of Ribas carry his legacy and commitment to excellence. 

Ca’n Ribas is open to visitors between 10.00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday when you can join a wine tasting tour to discover more about the history of the winery and the winemaking process.  

Consell and its surroundings, like Binissalem and Alaró, are home to an exclusive selection of spectacular country homes with luxury features, including swimming pools and well-maintained gardens. 


Can Majoral - Algaida (Central Mallorca)

can majoral

Can Majoral, in Algaida, Central Mallorca, is a small family-owned winery that grows 14 different native and international varieties of grapes on 17 hectares of land. Since its inception in 1979, Can Majoral has experimented with forms of viticulture, and the bodega is now a fully-fledged vineyard with a strong sense of Mallorcan heritage.


Vins Miquel Gelabert - Manacor (Northeast Mallorca)

 miquel gelabert

In the northeast of the island, 25 minutes drive from Algaida, 10 minutes from Manacor and not far from the virgin beaches of the east coast, Vins Miquel Gelabert is a small family business that produces artisanal wines. Founded in 1985 with his wife Maria, Miquel Gelabert began making wine as a hobby before serving it in their restaurant, which led to the winery's construction. With 11 vineyards that use 30 grape varieties, Vins Miquel Gelabert creates 27 unique wines, which have won over 100 awards. The winery also offers accommodation for wine lovers that want to experience life on a Mallorcan bodega with a tour and free wine tasting.

We hope that you enjoy your tour of the island’s bodegas and salud!

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